Beat Making Tutorials

Learn the fundamentals of great music production through comprehensive beat making tutorials.

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Logic Pro X Workflow Tutorials

Master Logic Pro X through these beginner, intermediate and advance workflow tutorials. Lessons are delivered at a slow pace with easy to understand language

EXS24 Multi-Output - Logic Pro X

1 year ago

How to set up EXS24 to use multi-outputs in Logic Pro X. This is great for creating drum kits inside the EXS24 and assigning each drum sa...

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Reason 10 Tutorials

Learn advanced workflows and how to make music in Logic Pro 10. More tutorials coming soon.

Using Maschine In Reason 9.5

9 months ago

How to set up any Maschine to work in Reason 9.5. This should also work with the new Maschine MK3 but I'm yet to test it out to confirm. ...

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