Classic R&B Chord Progression

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R&B chords

In this tutorial we build an R&B beat from scratch. When making R&B I often start with the chords. Taking classic R&B chord progressions and incorporating them with contemporary R&B sounds is one of my favourite things to do. It creates that nostalgic feeling taking us back to the golden age of R&B, the 90s. But with the new sounds, … Read More

Bryson Tiller – “Something Tells Me” Chords

Stefan GuyFreebies, Tutorial

Bryson Tiller - Something Tells Me Chords

In this video we breakdown the Bryson Tiller – “Something Tells Me” chord progression. When I first heard this track the first thing that caught my ear was the chord progression. I love it. However the producer opted for a very interesting sound. The sound that plays this chord progression sounds like its been reversed or maybe it’s a reversed … Read More

Recording Vocals In Logic Pro X (Part 2)

Stefan GuyFreebies, Tutorial

Recording Vocals In Logic Pro X Part 2

In this tutorial we look at a more advanced approach to recording vocals in Logic Pro X. In part 2 we look at a new workflow I’ve adopted. It allows me to create my own headphone mix that differs from the headphone mix of my vocalist. This way you can give the vocalist exactly what they want in there ears, … Read More